7 Must-Read Books For Every Traveler

Every traveler needs a good book on hand to enhance the downtime during travel, like the 10-hour bus, train, and plane rides. Reading about a location that you’re currently exploring can really add to the experience and make you appreciate where you are even more. Here are seven of our current favorite travel-inspired novels.  These books will keep your wanderlust energy flowing during the not so exciting parts of your journey. 
 Books For Every Traveler
This collection of travel tales will spark that inner explorer in anyone. Each chapter features a new destination and a completely new story. It’s very refreshing being able to enjoy all different kinds of writings styles and tones in the same book. There’s something in this book for everyone, if you’re not quite feeling one storyline there are plenty more exciting tales to switch to. It feels like your hopping the globe as you pass through the pages. Each chapter beautifully illustrates the locations in ways that make you feel like your experiencing the journey with them. Therefore after reading this novel, I was more inspired than ever to book a solo journey for later this year.
 Must Read Books
Alain de Botton’s The Art of Travel will give you a fresh perspective on how and why one travels. His writing takes on a more artistic and philosophical approach, causing you to pause and ponder on each page.  Most importantly he will have you reflecting on your own travel experiences. He brings a focus on the pleasures of anticipations and the value in really noticing everything happening around you.

Botton keeps a great balance of philosophy and humor in his storytelling.  He has many notable quotes that make you feel a spark as soon as you read them. Here are a few of our favorite lines, “Journeys are the midwives of thought. Few places are more conducive to internal conversations than a moving plane, ship or train. Allow landscape to move you, thrill you and humble you. Let the power of art influence how you see. Learn to sketch, however badly, as a way of turning your mind to what’s in front of you.”

7 Must-Read Books For Every Traveler
If you’re looking for a travel-inspired book more on the funny and entertaining side, this might be the read for you. With a heavy dose of sarcasm and wit, Kristen talks all about her adventurous relationships with people around the globe. Her open, honest, and very relatable stories will have you laughing loudly. In conlusion this book makes you want to get out into the world, make adventurous memories, and enjoy all the entertaining encounters you’ll find along the way.
 Must-Read Books For Every Traveler
This book will inspire you to step through your fear, anxieties, discomfort, and judgment, and realize that people are kind everywhere in the world. Rita would constantly question her belief systems and began to transform her perspective of connection. She blindly trusts the kindness of strangers and inspires you to trust yourself, your instincts, and in the humanity that connects us all.  Above all, her detailed descriptions of places, foods, and culture pull you into the experience, and her exotic treks will bite you with the travel bug to go and venture off the beaten path.
7 Books For Every Traveler
Written by Italian journalist Tiziano Terzani, this book brings you along on his adventurous travels throughout South East Asia. More then a travel memoir, his story beautifully combines spiritual philosophy and political history while relating them to his personal experiences. After a Fortune-Teller warns him to not travel by plane, Tiziano explores this entire region on the ground. He encounters mind-altering advice from Asian shamans, soothsayers, and sorcerers.

This is an insightful and informative guide on Asia entering the modern world and the changes that have come with it. We feel it’s a must-read for anyone traveling South East Asia and wanting a deeper perspective on the experience.

 Books For Every Traveler
This beautifully written love story-taking place in a small Italian town in the 1960s will have you completely captivated. There are elements of comedy, bits of memorable wisdom, intriguing characters and a fascinating plot. He uses a tapestry technique of weaving timelines and character stories in a way that flows perfectly.  His writing style paints vivid pictures in your mind. Although it’s fictional I found myself highlighting meaningful moments of thought throughout the book. It’s a great read if you’re looking for some summery romantic vibes in your life.
7 Must-Read Books
This is an ultimate travel inspirational guide filled with alluring locations, exciting ideas, and stunning photography. It has compelling descriptions about the history and culture of each destination along with hundreds of ethical travel experiences to inspire your next trip. It’s a great book to keep on your coffee table to read through whenever you need a dose of adventurous daydreams.
7 Must Read Books For Every Traveler

Here are our 7 Must-Read Books For Every Traveler. Let us know what books inspire you!

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